You Are Not Alone

I'm passionate about this about you living your ideal life.

I share this with you time and time again: Your dreams are worth living.   

Since announcing the retreat, many people have requested payment options. And because I created this event with you in mind, I'm going to honor that.

From now until October 15th at midnight, you can invest in a payment plan for the retreat.

Three payments of $397 gets you in our beautiful space, practicing yoga and elevating your business. That's it! CLICK HERE to lock in your spot.

I know it's tough as an entrepreneur to generate enough extra income just to invest in yourself. I'm telling you, I've been there. But once I made the decision to invest in me, I took at the return and realized, it was well worth it. So use me as an example. I know you'll experience incredible returns if you decide to attend the retreat.

Before I was featured on CNN Money, The Wall Street Journal and MindBodyGreen, I had to make the same decisions you have to make. And I still have to make them. So know, you're not alone. But when it came down to it, I always chose myself. I always chose what was best for me.

I'm hoping you'll do the same and I'm hoping to see your name on the attendee list, I have a feeling this retreat is exactly what you've been needing.