Do you want to master mind with Master Minds?

Do you want to master mind with Master Minds?

This November, myself and a few of my colleagues are hosting the Money Mindfulness and Success Retreat in the beautiful hills of North Georgia. This retreat is dedicated to holistically nurturing our minds, our finances and our dreams through mindfulness, masterminds and mentorship.

Fitness for Travel


I just finished an Om Yoga class with the Wealthy Yogi and I'm dead! I'm writing this blog post from the afterlife. My legs feel like Rick James' after the beat down he got from Eddie and Charlie Murphy. Seriously though,  I am an avid traveler and I'm realizing that during my travels I expect a lot from my body. I've tried surfing, climbing mountains, biking through cities, and climbing bridges. I even learned to swim as an adult! I do not want to be on the sidelines while everyone else turns experiences into Instagram moments. There is also the physical toll that long haul trips take on your body to consider.  Being in a plane 13-16 hours and ending up in a different time zone can be rough. Sitting in a match box seat and having to climb over your neighbor to get to the bathroom requires level 2-3 yoga moves. Eating high sodium, barely palatable airplane meals will increase your blood pressure. Lack of sleep will increase cortisol levels and leave your body in a stressed state. By the time you make it to your destination, you can be sluggish and ready to sleep instead of ready to explore. To date, my strict regimen of donuts and fork lifting has not prepared me for my adventures. Sure, I'm pretty sexy, but I'm not fit. And I would like to be in better shape. I expect a lot from my body and I'm putting zero in. So I'm turning over a new old leaf and hoping that my twisted up body rebounds enough for round two. Now if I could just get up off the floor!  

So go do it (encouragement)