Womenetics: Influence Change & Drive Action

  • Buckhead Club 3344 Peachtree Rd #2600 Atlanta, GA USA

ACADEMY III: Influence Change & Drive Action

Developed by Ginny Clarke Senior Partner, Executive Search

  • Analytical-Intuitive: Analytical - Gathers the facts and typically, subjects them to extensive modeling/analysis and interpretation before making a decision.

  • Analytical-Intuitive: Intuitive Decision-Making - Makes inferential leaps in thinking so as to reach a solution despite incomplete or ambiguous information, knowing that one has made the “right” decision, frequently based on extensive “mental modeling” or rehearsal of events. Will make decisions rapidly, despite the complexity of the issues or the pressures involved.

  • Openness to Change - A readiness to do things differently in the business or function, seeing the organization as dynamic and changing, and able to contribute constructively to the change process; prepared to make personal changes as well as expecting changes in others.

  • Organizational Influencing - Understands and manages the power relationships and interdependencies both within the organization and externally, uses this when initiating changes or trying to influence behavior. Uses complex strategies to influence attitudes, behavior or decision-making amongst those over whom they have no direct control.

  • Strategic Vision - Able to step back from day-to-day activities to view the business from a different perspective, see the bigger picture, distill information, trends, needs, etc., and build credible strategies to achieve the desired vision and commercial outcomes.

  • Conflict Resolution - Recognizes potential areas of conflict and intervenes quickly to defuse the situation, works with the parties concerned to reach a consensus or compromise in which no one feels as if they have lost, and does so to the benefit of the organization as a whole.

  • Group Leadership - Able to articulate and communicate a sense of direction and commitment to people “down the line.” Able to influence those beyond immediate subordinates, anticipating the needs and concerns of more removed staff and manage their motivation and performance from a distance. Will take a calculated risk.

  • Creative Thinking/Innovation - Challenges conventional thinking and pushes the boundaries of established practice. Able to come up with entirely new solutions to problems. Encourages risk-taking, innovation and learning through experimentation, questioning and feedback. Has a sense about managing the creative processes of others; is good at bringing their own creative ideas and those of others to market.

  • Sound Business Judgment - Demonstrates a broad understanding of the way a business functions and succeeds, and the impact of decisions on the business. Makes sound, timely decisions based on an analysis of the available information and prior experience.

  • Stress Tolerance - When confronted with frustration, work overload, role ambiguity, conflict or open hostility retains personal effectiveness and reasonableness in dealing with others.

  • Cultural Sensitivity - Is aware of and empathetic to the differing ways of conducting business in both regional and global markets. Can make the behavioral modifications necessary to be effective and successful in many different cultures.