How Can Novellus Financial Help You?

Business Consulting

Novellus Financial only accepts a handful of small and medium sized business clients for the concierge business financial strategy consulting services. We partner with your team as a trusted asset and take over your financial planning to align your financial strategy with achievable long-term goals. Our watchful eye balances costs and service levels across the organization and we manage your risks and asset preservation in the process. Additionally, we offer market analysis, statistical data reporting, and unique accounting systems so that you have tangible benchmark analyses to see the growth in your bottom line and market share. We understand that your time is best spent attracting new clients and focusing on what you do best. We help you success by helping you keep your eye on your critical financial numbers. 

IRS Representation

Stop worrying about your tax problems! Hand them off to our team of highly qualified Enrolled Agents for assistance and service throughout the entire year. With our concierge promise, our all-inclusive packages help you manage, organize, and plan your IRS negotiation strategies. Additionally, we represent you through audit reconsideration, installment agreements, partial-pay installment agreements, and offers in compromise. We prepare and submit negotiation paperwork, communicate with authorities on your behalf, and respond to your tax notices. With skill, experience, and tact in all tax-related matters, our concierge tax preparation team will protect your business and fight for your interests.