Money, success and mindfulness Mastermind

Not long ago I was sitting in your chair, confronted with the opportunity to step up and take a big chance on myself. I remember being excited, fearful, upset, and shaking with exhilaration all at the same time. How could I even be considering this with life already being so full? And where in the world was I going to find the time, and even more scary, the money? 

I am eternally grateful that I have had so many positive, powerful experiences. Each time I was given these opportunities I chose to listen to the signs to move forward in life, act on that inspiration, and then trust my decisions. Paying attention has always helped me move beyond the "little me", and I know it has been the main reason I enjoy the beautiful and abundant life that has clearly come from saying YES. 

Join a small group of highly motivated, savvy, and professional people like you, who are committed to acting with courage and passion to reach their life goals in style. The Money, Success & Mindfulness Mastermind is designed to support you in living a life of fun and adventure, travel, fulfilling experiences, learning, laughter, and joy.

Money, Mindfulness & Success make for a complete and fulfilling life. The balance of the three lead to personal power, freedom, and they’re just destined to create an awesome experience! The three together are at the heart of the mindfulness mastermind and fundamental components of the Wealthy Yogi Lifestyle Complete System.

After all, the reason we work so hard to be both physically and financially fit is so we can capture the meaningful moments of life fully, explore the planet while traveling in style, learn new skills, meet awesome people and make great friends, and to have quality experiences that enrich us with value and passion for life.

Money, Success & Mindfulness Mastermind Tiers

Platinum Tier

Platinum was designed to lead both experienced and new business owners alike through building a solid six-figure-plus business using proven mindfulness and financial strategies. This tier is ideal for the solopreneur who is ready to move away from working hours-for-dollars toward a more passive revenue model that meets their ideal lifestlye.

Diamond Tier

Diamond was designed for entrepreneurs feeling an urgency to deliver a bigger vision and who know they need in-depth one-on-one support to ensure they get there the quickest way possible. This if for you if:

  • You want hand-holding and a private one-on-one coaching with a business mentor
  • You have had some success but now is the time to birth something bigger
  • You want to create a business on your terms, balancing head and heart, strategy and mind 

Black Tier

Black is for those who have already reached a 6-figure income and are ready to leap to a 7-figure business with accelerated speed. This ultra exclusive group receive the ultimate in personalized attention, one-on-one coaching and strategic business planning.  This if for you if:

  • You want tailored, private one-on one ongoing coaching with Roshawnna Novellus
  • You are a successful entrepreneur ready to move to the next level
  • You want to turn your expertise into a business that serves your mission and your lifestlye

Platinum tier

1 LIVE 3 day Mastermind Training Retreats with Roshawnna Novellus. 

These carefully crafted events feature:

  • In-depth business success training
  • Structured masterminding
  • Meditation Practice
  • Fitness Training
  • The chance to ask questions during Q + A time
  • Prospective meetings dates are late September and January

opportunities each month to get support with your next big move

Bi-Weekly Mastermind Training Calls where we cover critical business topics designed to keep you on track with creating your profitable six or seven figure business. 

3 Next Big Move Calls that will answer you questions and provide the opportunity for you to receive your own business makeover directly from The Wealthy Yogi.

Weekly Meditation + Yoga Webinars where you can join the Wealthy Yogi with guided meditation and yoga asana practice. This will help you ensure you are in the right mindset when making any decision about your business and your finances.


Wealthy Yogi All Access Pass includes VIP treatment at all LIVE events, unlimited online access to our core programs, plus VIP pricing on all new trainings.

diamond tier

Includes everything in the Platinum Tier PLUS Personal dedication to Your Business!

Private 2-Hour Induction Meeting

It all starts with a private 2-Hour meeting when Roshawnna Novellus gets an immediate opportunity to focus 100% of her attention on you, the current state of your business and your 6 or 7 figure vision for the coming year. Get right to work identifying what has been getting in your way, create a plan and get the tools to catapult your success.

Monthly Private One-on-One Calls -

You will get in-depth intuitive and strategic coaching from Roshawnna Novellus. On these 50-minute calls, you will review your progress, be held accountable and confront resistance so you can realize your vision in lightening speed.

Black Tier

Includes everything in the Platinum and Diamond levels plus more!

Private VIP Half-Day Induction with The Wealthy Yogi

It starts with a four hour meeting with Roshawnna Novellus where we discussion money, mindfulness and your in-depth vision for your life. We will have in depth discussions about the specific of your business to ensure that your Mastermind tenure is directed in the most efficient way possible. You will also get an assessment on multiple areas of your business so that you have immediate actions to implement from day one.

PRIVATE VIP Mid-year strategic planning WITH THE WEALTHY YOGI

The wealthy yogi will meet with you to discuss your ongoing strategy and propose and modifications or tweaks based upon new business goals. The mid year strategic planning includes updates in financial strategy, living harmoniously, and sales processes.