Join Novellus Fellows and Internship Program

I am pleased to offer my Fellow and Internship program starting in the fall of 2016. This program is geared towards savvy individuals who want to improve their skills in business development, finance, project management, and social media management. The interns and fellows may help with a variety of my companies  and initiatives including Novellus Financial,  Budgeting Is More Liberation Than Limitation,  the Ask The Expert Series, or the Goal Diggers Club.

Financial Strategy and education

Do you believe that wealth knowledge and mindfulness are the keys to living a carefree life? Are you passionate about providing solid financial education to individuals and small business owners? Do you believe that everyone deserves a shot at reaching their goals and that lack of financial knowledge should not get in their way? if so, this program may be a way for you to contribute to the Wealthy Yogi movement

Editing + Copywriting

Are you fantastic at recruiting creating newsletters, blog posts and website material? Do you love educational writing and the eradication of grammatical errors? Do you want to help teach about finance in an interesting way? If so, this maybe a way for your to contribute to our wealthy yogi movement.

Social Media Marketing + Branding

Do you enjoy engaging with individuals on social media? Have you ever launched a successful campaign to make people laugh, spark a debate, or educate them on a critical issue? Do you enjoy creating images, messages or assets that can be distributed online? If so, this may be a way for you to help with the Wealthy Yogi movement.

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