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You can grant your own wishes. By practicing mindful finance and using the right tech tools, you can live your ideal successful lifestyle. There was a time in my life when I was caught up in corporate titles, status, and making as much money as possible, and I was good at it. However, even though I "had it all", I was unhappy. I was stressed, friendless, and miserable because I didn't take time to practice awareness and live a life in harmony with my internal truth. There are many ways to achieve success in the pursuit of work life balance. I hope you choose a wealthy life: one that is filled with love, gratitude, internal peace and financial freedom. I believe that we all can be wealthy yogis. All we have to do is agree to live a life where we spend our money in alignment with our goals, values, and priorities.

step 1: be mindful

as we make our financial decisions

Mindfulness is the first step is living your ideal life. By being mindful, each of us can use our internal compass to navigate through life. Though there are many ways to practice mindfulness, the forms that will be discussed in this book are yoga and meditation. 

step 2: be honest

as we assess our lifestlye and dreams

Once you can be mindful about your decisions, you can adequately plan how to allocate your finances. I wrote a book budgeting is more Liberation than Limitation in order to help you with this very aspect. This book different from other books of its genre as it seeks to address budgeting from the get­ go as a resource to help achieve financial freedom as opposed to a plan that is focused on restricting what one does with their finances. I share examples from my professional experience as a financial services practitioner to educate on the common mistakes people make during budgeting and how to enjoy the process of it to design a prosperous lifestyle.



step 3: Be Strategic

as we plan  to reach our goals

Business owners make critical financial decisions everyday and need help in making sure they are making decisions based on the right financials. Unfortunately they make them in a bubble, they don’t have any type of guidance and these types of decision end up costing them thousands and sometimes their entire business. Financial decisions without strategy is like gourmet seasonings without a recipe. Businesses don’t function properly without finance and operations strategy and a strategic plan. Furthermore, most small business owners allocate over 20% of their expenses on wasteful spending. I help businesses increase profits by eliminating the waste and helping companies grow. 

15 Min Critical Financial Numbers Consultation

This quick consultation is designed to answer one quick question and for initial foundational contact for new clients.


There is high demand for my consultations, and therefore I have had to implement a strict no-show policy. The initial consultation is free, however, I do require a small $50 deposit to secure your slot which is refunded immediately after the consultation. If however you decide after our meeting to you would like to progress to any of my paid services then your deposit can be put towards one of those services. By booking this consultation, you agree to forfeiting your deposit should you no attend the consultation. No-shows with no reason given are not eligible for rebooking.

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60 Min Business Discovery Consultation

The business discovery consultation is your in-depth analysis of your current tax or financial needs.

Here are the individuals who should book this session.

Businesses interested in Financial Strategy & Operations

Do you have questions about your organization structure, policies and procedures, pricing model , how to increase revenue or attract investment? If so,  this session is for you.

Individuals and Businesses with Tax Issues or Concerns

If you or your business have fallen behind on taxes and are worried about notices, fees, levies, liens and seizures, I can help you.  I’m passionate about helping businesses and individuals resolve their problems with the IRS so that they can relieve stress and get back to focusing on what they do best.

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step 4: stay invested

as we execute our plan

Step 4 of the Wealthy Yogi Blueprint System is: Be Invested. After you have your goals and strategy in place, you have to keep your eyes on your goals in order for them to manifest. Without staying invested, your goals will never come to fruition. Some people have the internal willpower that they need to go after the goals that they want, while others need some type of accountability program to achieve the same goal. 

step 5: stay motivated

to live your ideal lifestyle

After meeting with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the course of the last couple years, I have determined that each one of us needs reminders to stay on the path to our goals. In fact, studies show that consistency and accountability are the differences between failure and success. When we read about how icons have obtained their success, we are typically able to tune out the noise, tighten our focus, and surpass our expectations. 

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