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You can pretty much live anywhere you want if you’re willing to see the upside of sharing your space. Gone are the days when it was each to his/her own. Today’s global and fast-changing economy lends to and encourages a sharing mentality when it comes to living spaces, especially in unique and sought after destinations. Not only is this a budget-friendly and easily accessible option these days, but it also adds to your lifestyle experience by introducing you to like-minded individuals. life is sharing

I have traveled around the world and stayed in beachfront villas, for a price cheaper than the 3-star hotel in an unspectacular area of town. The only caveat is that I had to share. For the inexperienced, it might seem like an alien concept but once you have surrendered to the convenience and practicality of shared living spaces, you will always be open to such an option should it be made available, and might even actively seek it if you truly enjoy such a living arrangement.


I have used and recommended several such services including the famed – websites like these assist the sharing community in finding awesome and interesting places to stay, no matter the geographic location or the preferred amenities. And the best part is, you are sure to find something within your budget range. It is this combination of multiple factors that makes shared living a positive experience for most people that opt for it. Of course, taking the necessary precautions before using such facilities and doing your own background checks are important, and that is where social media plays an integral role.

Now more than ever, since the concept of social proof has been established, we can rest assured that our safety will not be an issue as we frolic to our dream destinations anywhere in the world. Be it a bed and breakfast in the neighboring state or a room rental in another country, you will easily find feedback and referrals for shared living spaces anywhere across the globe. Review websites are many and sometimes the same properties are listed on different forums so you can easily point out a scam if you notice one. Most places though are well aware of the power of social media and proactively work to garner good reviews – word of mouth is a big part of the sharing community.

Remember that shared living does not have to be a temporary arrangement. Many people I know live in shared accommodations on a permanent basis. Sharing a duplex, an apartment or a bigger home is not out of the ordinary these days. With the floating employment population in most cities, youngsters, and in some cases, even experienced professionals, willingly choose to share living quarters with other individuals. The reasons could be many but the fact is, should you choose to, then shared living is available and accessible to you.

Looking for roommates in the local newspaper ads section and at the larger grocery stores’ notice boards might work but most times, simply putting word out in your social and professional circles should do the trick. You can also guarantee that the referring parties might have implemented some amount of vetting as to the eligibility of such individuals, thus saving you any hassles as far as the credibility or dependability of your new roommates and their tolerance for sharing a living space with you.

No proverb lends itself more to this scenario than this one you probably heard early on as a child – where there is a will, there is a way. If you want to live in a certain area, location, destination, city, etc. you can easily find a way to do that – and one of the top solutions in such cases is shared living. Designing a lifestyle to your liking can be a feasible option, and easily so. Finding the right channels to accomplish it is all you need, and you are on your way to living wherever you want.

Watch out for posts in the next few weeks that tell you more about sharing services for travel, clothing and more.


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