Be Free and Let Go

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Be Free and Let Go

I have successfully completely my second 12-hour day at the Wise Living Yoga Academy. I must say that the entire experience is different than I imagined. First of all, I thought that it would be purely an asana (pose) education, which was far from the truth. I also thought the program would be full of Americans or Westerners. Although there is one other person that is originally from the States, she currently lives in Malaysia. Furthermore, almost no one has the traditional lululemon and Athletica gear that we wear at home. Last, I had no idea that I would feel the way that I do: relaxed, at peace, and ready to decrease the pace at which I’m traversing through this life. 

Letting go has been difficult for me over the years. I have been a bit of a control freak that has continuously tried to alter the time-space continuum to become more efficient. Now I’m learning that to be more loving to myself, I need to do less, experience more, and live in the moment. It’s funny that the easiest time for me to feel at peace is always on vacation. Typically, as long as I have a plane ticket and a place to stay, I’m satisfied. I know that everything is going to work out and I just go with the flow. One of my coaches asked me why I didn’t take the same approach at home. Although I know better, this is one of the aspects that I’m still working on.

This yoga school is affiliated with the oldest yoga school in India. Wow! It’s a classic-style practice that approaches yoga from the spiritual, historical, ethical and physical aspects. We have the practice saying words in Sanskrit. I might have known all of this if I had made the time to read the syllabus or actually ask more questions of the person that I personally know that has attended the program. But maybe this lack of knowledge is for the best. The only hard part is that I miss my rigorous workout routine. But maybe I will learn more by not adhering to my strict hardcore routine that is part of all aspects of my life.

When I decided to attend the program, my plan was to complete the last visualization that I added to my vision board last year: to complete a fitness certification. At least that goal got me here. I clearly didn’t know much about yoga before I arrived. Even though I have practiced yoga for over 10 years, my actual affiliation has only scratched the surface. Yoga actually offers a complete philosophy on how to navigate through life in a happy, healthy way.

On the way to the yoga school I read a text on independent co-arising. It’s a concept that I heard while listening to a couple Dharma talks, which I found intriguing. The basic premise is that cause and effect are dependent and not independent. Essentially, everything is related to everything else. Thinking about this concept, my entire life is supported by everything else in my life. I am a person that enjoys meditation, clean eating, quality relationships, mediation, quality living and physical fitness. As such, it’s natural that someone like me would like yoga and travel to Thailand and find an alternative way to live in the world.

Following this reasoning, I’m in Thailand because I admire one of my fitness instructors: Brandy. I was able to meet Brandy because I joined an upscale mind-body gym in which she taught: Exhale Spa. I joined Exhale Spa in part because it was located across the street from my house and the fact that I prefer gyms with people in the top 3 percent (according to me) fitness percentile, but really the reason was that the owner asked me to join. The ironic part about that is the owner not only does not remember asking me to join, she has no idea who I am. I suppose her only purpose in my life was to play a role in this experience.

Sometimes our experiences don’t give us the exact outcome that we expect. But sometimes this is actually the point. I am here in Thailand to obtain a yoga teacher certification. Beyond physical fitness, yoga teachers can educate people on the secrets to living a happy, healthy, long life. For this unexpected benefit I am eternally grateful. To understand all of this, I had to learn to let go.



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