Asthma and My Fitness Journey

Asthma and My Fitness Journey

I had another asthma attack today during my yoga retreat. Luckily, I had another student close by that was able to quickly secure my medicine that brought my breathing back to normal. I was born with asthma, a disease that is both physical and mental in structure. Growing up I spent numerous incidences in emergency rooms and missed out on several fitness activities. Over the course of my life I have wondered why I have to deal with this additional obstacle in my life. I have often asked myself questions such as, why can I not be like everyone else? Why do I have to pay so much attention to breathing all the time when most people can simply forget? Well, with all of the insightful study that I’ve done over the last couple years I have learned that the answer is simple. Basically, all of our obstacles and challenges are learning tools for our lives.


 This week Roy and I continued alternating teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes at 5 a.m. to students in our Yoga Teaching Program.



We have been able to refine our routines, practice arm balances and inversions, and provide emotional support as we both embark upon this new craft. This process has made me super excited and I look forward to teaching when I return to Atlanta.


Anyway, this morning we decided to only do some mild stretching because we had a scheduled 10k walk. We are able to walk through the fields, up winding roads, and visit a Buddhist temple. I thought the morning was absolutely perfect. Not only were we able to get some physical fitness in at sunrise, we were able to learn about meditation and consciousness from a monk. I’m always in awe every time I have the opportunity to spend time with a monk. A monk is a person that has decided to give up all of their material possessions and live in peace and harmony with the world. They not only abide by a strict set of ethical and moral principles, they completely live off of the generosity of others. I, for one, always find fear in relying on other people for anything. But I can see how this practice can change a person forever.


This week we spent a great deal of time learning how to make better ethical decisions. We studied many of the Vedic philosophies and learned how yoga was intertwined in all of them. It’s wild that before this program, I had no idea that yoga was a 10,000-year-old tradition. I also didn’t know that it included consciousness, ethics, morality and mindfulness within its framework. It’s eye-opening how the modernization of a subject can strip away some of its most meaningful roots. Also, it also confirms how many items are reinvented over and over again.

 While I still do wish that I could figure out a way to get out of having unexpected breathing problems, I do know that one of the reasons that I am so interested in fitness and health is my determination not to be held back because of my condition. I decided that I would participate in every difficult activity, including running, despite the challenge of dealing with controlling my respiration. This is still true to this day and is one of the reasons that I’m completing a residential teaching retreat for a month in Thailand. My asthma attacks remind me of my process of learning how to needed some type of rescue measure to solve. While I undergo proper maintenance and planning on a daily basis, there are still some experiences that I cannot completely control. That’s just reality and the way that it is.

Life isn’t fair. We all have our own set of privileges and challenges. We all have to decide on the intention that we have to move forward on our journey. We must recognize that although we cannot set the exact course of the path, we can set its direction. Thank you, life, for giving me the chance to live.



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