70 Must Have Apps and Resources for Mindful Entrepreneurs


This is entrepreneur life: you’re the maestro who holds the baton and, sometimes almost magically, make all parts of your business sync together.   

And at the same time you’re always looking for ways to strategically streamline and find ways to outpace competition. 

On top of this, even though technology has given us tools to help solve entrepreneurial problems, there are a staggering amount of apps, books, blogs and everything else out there.  It can be confusing to know where to start.

So, no doubt your life is stressful.   Finding even a few minutes to relax and get your focus back can seem impossible.

Here’s help!  This list is an exhaustive list of 70 of the most useful sites and apps that will help you slay the most frustrating dragons of entrepreneurship. 

Not only will these help you stay more focused and on top of your budget, but also they will make sure you grow and maintain a happy customer base.  Check them out!

Money Management

1.             YNAB – Marketed as a personal budgeting software, but can help entrepreneurs become financial superheroes.

2.             Mint – Offers a free way to securely link all financial accounts, provide alerts, tracking, forecasting and automated budgeting.

3.             Novellus Financial and Novellus Financial Blog – Contains a variety of articles on how to improve your finances, credit score and wealth profile.

4.             BudgetEase.com Another fantastic tool to get on top of your budget and build a cushion for the unexpected.

5.             The Nest – Quickly get answers and learn essential financial skills for entrepreneurs.

6.             Dave Ramsey – Offers a suite of budgeting tools and templates

7.             Goal Diggers Club – Need motivation and accountability?  This is my community that supports individuals in reaching their life goals.

8.             The Wealthy Yogi – Comprehensive resource for financial consulting and education.


9.             Freshbooks – Super easy way to securely and quickly manage all your accounting tasks.

10.         NutCache – This goes beyond project management and even includes time tracking and expense management systems.

Calmness, Mindfulness and Focus

11.         Headspace – An awesome app that gives guided meditation exercises.

12.         CalmNoisliAre you more productive with a little soothing background nose?  This site is great for boosting productivity.

13.         BuddhifyTons of guided meditations that you can use whenever.  They’re also super cheap!

14.         The Mindfulness App – Sometimes you just need to sit and relax.  If you’re having trouble relaxing or staying present, this app can help.

15.         Freedom – Do you get distracted by the Internet and its non-stop flow of information?  This app blocks your web connection for times when you need to buckle down and focus.

16.         Yogify – Too busy to get to yoga class?  This app has lots of great lessons for improving strength, balance and flexibility. 

Organization and Productivity

17.         Evernote – By far one of the best tools for getting organized and reducing a ton of paper clutter.  Absolutely worth checking out.

18.         Dropbox – Want easy access all your files on any device, wherever you are?  Yes, please!

19.         Mod Notebooks – Feel like you can’t give up writing on paper but want to have the ability easily transfer paper notes to digital?  This one is for you.

20.         Omnifocus – This program is essential for managing work-life balance.  It helps you accomplish more, faster than before.

21.         1Password – Having lots of passwords allows us all many opportunities to forget them.  This is an easy and secure way to manage passwords, so that you don’t ever waste time or get frustrated over passwords. 

Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing

22.         Upwork – You can’t do everything at once.  If you need a developer, writer, customer service agent or anything else, this is the place to go!

23.         Fiverr – Same as the above, but this is especially good if you’re on a budget.  Many freelancers here start work for just $5.

24.         Gigster – Want to get access to the top 1% of Silicon Valley product managers and software developers?  This is the place to go.

25.         Clarity – World-class startup advice on demand!  It’s all here.

Customer Support

26.         Zendesk – An easy way to improve your overall customer experience.  They provide services from ticketing to chat and voice services.

27.         Uservoice – Helps you to build better products and give excellent support to the customers of your growing business.

28.         Clickdesk – Awesomely combine Live-Chat, Video, Help Desk and Web Conferencing.  Everything you need to convert customers while keeping them happy.

29.         Freshdesk – Another great way to streamline support and make your customers happy.

Copywriting, Editing and SEO

30.         Grammerly – An easy way to make sure everything you type is easy to read, effective and grammar free.

31.         Hemmingway Editor – Hands down one of the best proofreading tools out there.

32.         Draft – Ann easy way to keep track of your drafts and to collaborate with others.

33.         Read-Able – Clean up clutter and, like the name says, improve readability!

34.         SEO Book Keyword Research Tool – Gain invaluable insights, and helps make sure that you get seen by your target customers.

35.         Conversion Ninja Toolbox – Fantastic tools and technology for you to get the most conversions from your website. 

Social Media Management

36.         Buffer – Schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place.

37.         Hootsuite – Focus your social media to promote your brand and generate quality leads.

38.         Keyhole.co – Allows you to search hashtags and keywords on Instagram and Twitter.  It allows you to easily find influences and other valuable information.

39.         Crowdbooster – Another great site for analytics and improving your online presence.  

Graphic Design

40.         Canva – One of the easiest ways to create beautiful graphic designs.

41.         InVision – One of the most popular sites for fast, effective and collaborative design.

42.         Sketch – Create gorgeous, modern designs on Mac.

43.         Crayon – TONS of marketing designs at your fingertips.


44.          Slack – Make your team’s communication more effective and productive.  Great especially if you have employees who work remotely.

45.         GitHub – One of the most popular ways for pros to collaborate and get work done.

46.         Flowdock – Integrates chat and inbox, so that everything is in one place.  Helps you stay up-to-date and solve problems faster.

47.         Trello – Helps you to manage communication with your team in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.


48.         Google Analytics – An essential tool for testing products before investing time and money into them.

49.          Piwik – An open-source platform to gather powerful analytics.

50.         CrazyEgg – Find out how your users click and scroll through your website.  Find out what makes them leave!

Email Marketing and List Building

51.         Email Game – One of Time Magazine’s 50 best websites.  Manage your email more quickly and effectively.

52.         Boomerang – Schedule your emails to be sent later and set up easy email reminders.  This app takes your Gmail account to the next level.

53.         Mailchimp – They make it really simple: it’s all just about sounding better and selling more stuff.

54.         Customer.io – This site helps you fuel engagement with automated messages, personalized with real-time web or mobile app data.

55.         Really Good Emails – Just click this link if you need a little marketing inspiration.

56.         Constant Contact – Easily stay in touch and maintain relationships with your customers with this software.

Food and Other Delivery Services

57.         Eat24 – Sometimes you get so busy and you don’t have time to cook or go out.  Luckily Eat24 can save the day.

58.         Caviar – Another lifesaving food delivery app.

59.         Instacart – Save time and money having your grocery shopping done for you.

60.         PostMates – They will deliver basically anything your business could need 24/7

Free Stock Images

61.         Superfamous – Set your business apart with attention-grabbing material FREE.

62.         The Ultimate List – This list has tons of free resources to set your business apart.

Typesets and Fonts

63.         AnyFont – Step up your font game with these free downloads

64.         FontCandy – Mix text and photos and text to create engaging pieces for your business.

65.         A Beautiful Mess – Want to send amazing snail mail?  Then this app is an absolute must.

Working Remotely

66.         GoToMyPC.com – This is a must-have for entrepreneurs on the go.  You don’t have to take your computer with you—just access it remotely.

67.         GoTo Meeting – Need to set up a remote meeting or conference?  This is one of the best resources to make online meetings run smoothly and professionally.

68.         Google Drive – Basically all of Microsoft Office online and accessibly from anywhere.  Need anything else be said? 

Cleaning and Home Helpers

69.         TaskRabbit – Don’t have time for chores or errands?  This app can save tons of time and stress when the pressure is on.

70.         Handy – Another great resource if you’re in the need of cleaners or handypeople.  Get it done easily!



Now that you know about many of the best tools out there, it’s time to get started! 

Of course, maybe it will take a little time and effort to fine tune which resources work best for you and your business.  However, as you probably already know, a lot of entrepreneurship is trial and error.

Let us know which apps work best for you and if you have any suggestions!


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