Harmonize your Relationship with Money

I had a great time hanging out with with my girl, Danielle Holdman, on The Coaching Parlour.  Here we talk about talk about the real meaning of money and how to start a conversation with your finances.  We give step-by-step ways to set up short-term and long-term goals and explain why they are so important to making your dreams a reality.  Remember: your money actions need to speak to who you are, your purpose and your ideal self!

I also break down rituals to help you build your relationship with money and mindfully steer yourself towards your ideal life.  I talk about my path to becoming The Wealthy Yogi, making sacrifices in the present to achieve bigger goals in the future, managing fear and how to make the best decisions for yourself.  Check out the show below and please check out more of Danielle Holdman and The Coaching Parlour Podcast here



AboutDr. Roshawnna Novellus, known as the Wealthy Yogi, is a mindful wealth multiplier, business strategist, and author Budgeting is More Liberation than Limitation. She has developed a 5-step blueprint for mindful money management to show any entrepreneur how to create a stress free wealthy lifestyle. Through her books, programs and retreats, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve intentional personal success.


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