Do you want to master mind with Master Minds?

If so, I completely understand. A few years ago, when I came up with the idea to host a retreat, I needed a break. There was just so much happening around me and I needed a minute to reset.

Retreats have been that break for me. I've traveled across the country to attend different meditation and healthy living retreats which have inspired me to host my own.

This November, myself and a few of my colleagues are hosting the Money Mindfulness and Success Retreat in the beautiful hills of North Georgia. This retreat is dedicated to holistically nurturing our minds, our finances and our dreams through mindfulness, masterminds and mentorship.

As aspiring, budding and established entrepreneurs, it's important to schedule time out to take care of ourselves. If we aren't healthy, our business won't be either. If we aren't working at our highest potential, our business won't reach it's highest. If we're not seeking the help we need to grow, we will not grow.

My Money, Mindfulness & Success Retreat is going to help you increase your business' revenue in a way that integrates mindfulness and mastery.

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If you're interested in joining me for a productive yet relaxing break next month, grab your spot here.


Roshawnna, The Wealthy Yogi

Business Coach for Financially Mindful Entrepreneurs


About: Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, known as the Wealthy Yogi, is a mindful wealth multiplier, business strategist, and author of Budgeting is More Liberation than Limitation. She has developed a 5-step blueprint for mindful money management to show any entrepreneur how to create a stress free wealthy lifestyle. Through her books, programs and retreats, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve intentional personal success. She is currently booking speaking engagements for corporations and corporate groups. If your company or group has workshops around these topics for your employees, please contact her.