Say No Like Steve Jobs

Say No Like Steve Jobs

As cofounder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. with a net worth of $10.2 billion at the time of his death, Steve Jobs was one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.  The company he co-created continues to receive worldwide notoriety and his contributions to computer technology have had a profound global impact.  Because of this, it is natural that aspiring entrepreneurs will want to study his life and gain insights into what he did to achieve such tremendous success.  A book by Carmine Gallo entitled, “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs” discusses his business philosophy and how others can adapt it.  These are its core principals:

Practice Solid Money Management

From 1998 until his resignation, Steve Jobs took a $1 salary at Apple.  How, then, was it possible for him to amass such enormous wealth?  Although Jobs was known for being very private, but it clear that he managed his money extremely well.  When Jobs was forced to resign from Apple in 1985 many believe he hired a savvy money manager to help him invest.  Since the 80s the S&P 500 has quadrupled and the NASDAQ has increased almost sevenfold.   When he returned to Apple a more than a decade later, his investments had become so valuable that working for a salary was of little importance.

Do Something You’re Passionate About

This may sound like a platitude, but following your heart is no simple task.  It requires self-examination and courage to pursue what drives you.  Additionally, because entrepreneurship necessitates a thick skin of perseverance, an almost obsession-like passion is necessary to overcome the daunting path to creating a successful business.  Love and enthusiasm are essential tools to overcome the often painful hurdles of getting a business off the ground.  In interviews Steve Jobs has advised young entrepreneurs to take menial work until they find a real passion to pursue. Pinpoint the thing you can’t wait to do each morning and make that your focus.

Strive To Change The World

Your passions and dreams need direction.  Back in the 70s when Jobs and Wozniak began Apple, their vision was to bring computers everyday people. Find a specific to target to focus your passions.

Sell More Than Just Products

For Steve Jobs, people who bought Apple products were more than mere consumers—they were individuals with hopes and aspirations.  Apple develops goods with the aim of helping people to achieve their dreams.  To maintain a successful business, it is essential to get to know your customers in great detail.  If you truly understand what they want, you are much more likely to create a superior product and establish an emotional connection that will preserve customer loyalty.  Pay close attention to consumer feedback and adapt accordingly. 

Say No To Most Things

Jobs has been quoted saying: “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as much as I am of what we do.” Apple is known for its elegant, uncluttered design—part of their definition of innovation is eliminating everything unnecessary in order to highlight what is essential.  Find ways to reduce clutter and think of how you can you trim unnecessary content from every aspect of your business.  Decide how you can create greater clarity and simplicity for your customers.  

Focus On Customer Experience

Apple isn’t in the business of moving units, but in enriching lives. The Apple Store has one of the most highly rated customer service experiences in the world because their primary goal is to create emotional connections with their consumers.  Perhaps you’ve noticed the Apple Store’s smart floor plan or the fact that their employees are never cashiers, but geniuses and consultants. Review every aspect of your customers’ experience—from your website to your customers’ interactions with your product.  Put yourself in their shoes and never forget to consider what you can do to enrich their lives. 

Perfect Your Presentation

Just like a five-star restaurant beautifully displays a meal on a plate, attractively presenting your product can generate tremendous value and interest. Steve Jobs was known as a fantastic storyteller and Apple has had some of the most spectacular product launches ever.  For every successful idea there are thousands that have failed simple because they didn’t have an engaging story. Don’t underestimate how you present your company to the world.  Study how successful companies present themselves and make adjustments.

Never Stop Learning

Creativity breeds innovation and a wide range of experiences enriches your understanding of the human experience.  Jobs believed that a large breadth of knowledge led companies to make breakthroughs that might not happen otherwise. Additionally, Jobs was known to take inspiration from seemingly unrelated sources like Mercedes-Benz, Zen meditation, and even a food processor.  Find new experiences and connections outside of your comfort zone.  Travel frequently, further your education and attend conferences you might not normally go to.  Seek out inspiration everywhere. 


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