My Biggest Mistake – Underestimating the Value of a Book Launch Party

Like many self published authors, I was sick and tired of the book long before my publication date was set. The process was way more time consuming, arduous, and stressful than I could have imagined. I had heated debates with my editors, project manager, designer and branding consultants about the design of the book, how it fit into my overall brand, and the importance of the messaging. Many conversations included me rolling my eyes with internal debate swirling around why I would ever take the time to write a book when I was extremely busy as is. But, now that I have made it to launch, a sigh of relief and excitement has come over me. 

I personally have never attended a book launch party for another author. As such, I searched online and found several articles about how to design an event that isn’t a complete waste of time. One of the most helpful tips that I found was to have social media stations for my guests. My stations included:

The results were amazing. I am still overwhelmed with joy because of the phone calls, emails, and best of all purchases that I received as a result of the social media stations.

The other thing that I wanted to be certain of was that people would attend the event. There is nothing worse than investing time, energy, and money into an event that no one shows up to. Since I figured that budgeting was a topic that wouldn’t get many people to change their plans for on a Tuesday night, I set my goal attendance at 40 guests. In order to get to this number, I started off by selecting my host committee. My host committee included many of the movers and shakers in the communities that people loved being around. They were not only my friends and supporters, but also those known in the community to have taste when deciding which events to attend. I publicized their names on the invitation [include link] and tagged them when sharing my event to their friends. That along with the other strategies that I employed yielded an attendance rate of 75 guests, which is almost double the amount that I deemed commendable.

Another thing that I decided to do for the launch party was to make sure that people could easily purchase my book in person without waiting in line. I presold signed books and made sure those were ready to go prior to the event. In addition, I added the ability to purchase signed books via my website. Throughout the evening I told people to go online directly via their phone or my computer, and purchase at their convenience, then give me a post it note with their name once their purchase was complete. This immensely sped up the process because I only had to worry about writing the messages and not collecting the fees and messages at the same time. In addition, because it was easier for people to purchase without waiting, I was able to secure all of the money up front, prior to them deciding if they wanted to wait for my signature. This was definitely a win win.

In addition, my launch event was 3 hours. I decided at the last minute to have two 15 minute programs at different times during the evening. This strategy worked perfectly. Whether people came on time or arrived late, they were able to learn a little about me, experience the reading, and become more connected to me. Moreover, I didn’t bore them with a long drawn out schedule that could have caused them to stop being engaged.

On the emotional side, I was pushed out of my annoyed mindset and was able to regain encouragement about my book and the need for it in the marketplace. I could see how my experience and my story impacted people and encouraged them to live a more complete fuller life. In addition, the feedback I received made me understand how valuable a book launch party is to both the community and the guests.

Participant testimonial:

“I was shocked at how many people showed up to Roshawnna’s book launch event. Based off past experiences, I didn’t think the event would be nearly as crowded as it was. Roshawnna’s event taught me to never underestimate the power of strong connections and a positive attitude. Roshawnna’s supporters and demeanor contributed much to the success of her event. Her successful event demonstrated how so many support her and helped others to gain strong connections. “ 

#BestAdvice, please have a book launch party even if you think your topic is esoteric or fundamental in nature. It’s a milestone that you deserve in your publishing journey. If you would like to copy my strategy, please click on the links below: