Most people don’t live the life of their dreams because of fear, belief that they don’t have the right experience or knowledge, lack of support and accountability, or fear of starting over. In fact, many people are most fulfilled when acting as an entrepreneur, traveling the world, or pursuing their dream career.

The reality is that there is not an insurmountable difference between where you are today and where you want to be. The Ask the Expert Mastermind Series helps fill the gap by providing you with all the educational resources and accountability partners, financial strategy and business planning that you could ever need to put yourself in that top 13% "Happy People” category!  And happy people like being around other happy people, which is why we have built Ask the Expert Mastermind Series into a fully interactive community of likeminded individuals that believe that their goals are worth achieving.

The Ask The Expert Mastermind Series is a facilitated knowledge series that includes course instruction, community engagement, and personalized strategic plan evaluation. You will receive inspiration and wealth challenges from the creator, Dr Novellus. In addition, there is a curated panel of experts that will share their knowledge during the Ask The Expert Mastermind Series to ensure that you have the knowledge and support to make informed decisions to progress from where you're living today to your future more balanced, happy, and wealthy life. For this investment in yourself, you will learn everything you need to know from how to invest in innovative startup companies to how to craft your most authentic brand. 

As a special bonusAsk The Expert Mastermind Series  includes a private community that provides ongoing support so that you can make sure that you stay in alignment with your goals. 




6-Figure LinkedIn Sales System

The 6-Figure LinkedIn Workshop is Designed to teach you how to create and manage a highly profitable LinkedIn Page.

Imagine only spending 2 hours of your day to generate over 6-Figures in leads. Learn the strategy that I personally used to grow my business and attract new clients.

Leverage Podcasts to Make Money

This workshop is designed to leverage the market reach of others to get the story out about your brand. Every podcast has an audience that loves to learn.

Imagine a new crop of warm leads coming to you from multiple podcast who are ready to act. Learn now.

Generate Exponential Growth in Your Mailing List

Imagine if you could add 30% of your website visitors to your mailing list. Imagine how you can leverage your offer to your new subscribers over time.

Take this course to learn all the secrets I learned to grow a 10K+ subscriber mailing list in a couple months.

Connect All Your Tools Seamlessly with Zapier

Do you ever wish your invoicing system automatically created a google doc? Or, that your calendar invitations were automatically added to your CRM and newsletter database? Let me show you how to save time and increase efficiency by connecting all of your tools.


Share Your Message on TV

Do you know that TV audiences need to hear your message? Do you have mass appeal and only need to know how to get on a set? Learn the ins and outs of showcasing your expertise on TV.

Make Passive Income Online

Do you enjoy creating a product once and making money multiple times? Do you like when you receive an alert telling you that a payment from a complete stranger has been deposited into your bank account? 

Funnels are taking the internet by storm due to their ability to make passive income at anytime. Learn how to use funnels for your niche.

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Private Facebook Group

Hands down my favorite part of Ask The Expert Mastermind Series.  

Now you can steal Roshawnna’s best stuff with this full unedited, uncut group as Roshawnna peels back layer by layer her exact methods, giving you an inside look and taste of what it takes to get your business in full swing.

I believe we really can have it all, and I’m committed to proving that in my own actions as well as empowering others to reach for their full potential, and truly engage in every aspect of life- physical, mental, spiritual, and outward into fulfilling relationships, abundant wealth and financial success, and finally giving back to the world the gifts which we have been blessed with, in their highest form. Roshawnna Novellus, Ph.D.